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aaa_update_test.module modules/update/tests/aaa_update_test.module Dummy module for testing Update status. includes/ This is the actions engine for executing stored actions.
actions.test modules/simpletest/tests/actions.test
actions_loop_test.install modules/simpletest/tests/actions_loop_test.install
actions_loop_test.module modules/simpletest/tests/actions_loop_test.module
aggregator-feed-source.tpl.php modules/aggregator/aggregator-feed-source.tpl.php Default theme implementation to present the source of the feed.
aggregator-item.tpl.php modules/aggregator/aggregator-item.tpl.php Default theme implementation to format an individual feed item for display on the aggregator page.
aggregator-rtl.css modules/aggregator/aggregator-rtl.css /** * Right-to-Left styles for theme in the Aggregator module. */ #aggregator .feed-source .feed-icon { float: left; }
aggregator-summary-item.tpl.php modules/aggregator/aggregator-summary-item.tpl.php Default theme implementation to present a linked feed item for summaries.
aggregator-summary-items.tpl.php modules/aggregator/aggregator-summary-items.tpl.php Default theme implementation to present feeds as list items.
aggregator-wrapper.tpl.php modules/aggregator/aggregator-wrapper.tpl.php Default theme implementation to wrap aggregator content. modules/aggregator/ Administration page callbacks for the Aggregator module.
aggregator.api.php modules/aggregator/aggregator.api.php Documentation for aggregator API.
aggregator.css modules/aggregator/aggregator.css /** * Styles for theme in the Aggregator module. */ #aggregator .feed-source .feed-title { margin-top: 0; } #aggregator .feed-source .feed-image img { margin-bottom: 0.75em; } #aggregator .feed-source .feed-icon { float: right; /* LTR */ … modules/aggregator/ Fetcher functions for the aggregator module.
aggregator.install modules/aggregator/aggregator.install Install, update and uninstall functions for the aggregator module.
aggregator.module modules/aggregator/aggregator.module Used to aggregate syndicated content (RSS, RDF, and Atom). modules/aggregator/ User page callbacks for the Aggregator module. modules/aggregator/ Parser functions for the aggregator module. modules/aggregator/ Processor functions for the aggregator module.
aggregator.test modules/aggregator/aggregator.test Tests for aggregator.module.
aggregator_test.module modules/aggregator/tests/aggregator_test.module includes/ Functions for use with Drupal's Ajax framework.
ajax.test modules/simpletest/tests/ajax.test
ajax_forms_test.module modules/simpletest/tests/ajax_forms_test.module Simpletest mock module for Ajax forms testing.
ajax_test.module modules/simpletest/tests/ajax_test.module Helper module for Ajax framework tests. includes/ Shared classes and interfaces for the archiver system. includes/ Helper functions and form handlers used for the authorize.php script.
authorize.php authorize.php Administrative script for running authorized file operations. includes/ Batch processing API for processes to run in multiple HTTP requests. includes/ Queue handlers used by the Batch API.
batch.test modules/simpletest/tests/batch.test Tests for the Batch API. modules/simpletest/tests/ Batch callbacks for the Batch API tests.
batch_test.module modules/simpletest/tests/batch_test.module Helper module for the Batch API tests.
bbb_update_test.module modules/update/tests/bbb_update_test.module Dummy module for testing Update status.
block-admin-display-form.tpl.php modules/block/block-admin-display-form.tpl.php Default theme implementation to configure blocks. modules/block/ Admin page callbacks for the block module.
block.api.php modules/block/block.api.php Hooks provided by the Block module.
block.css modules/block/block.css #blocks tr.region-title td { font-weight: bold; } #blocks tr.region-message { font-weight: normal; color: #999; } #blocks tr.region-populated { display: none; } .block-region { background-color: #ff6; margin-top: 4px; margin-bottom:…
block.install modules/block/block.install Install, update and uninstall functions for the block module.
block.module modules/block/block.module Controls the visual building blocks a page is constructed with.
block.test modules/block/block.test Tests for block.module.
block.tpl.php modules/block/block.tpl.php Default theme implementation to display a block.
block_test.module modules/block/tests/block_test.module Provide test blocks.
blog.install modules/blog/blog.install Install, update and uninstall functions for the blog module.
blog.module modules/blog/blog.module Enables multi-user blogs. modules/blog/ Page callback file for the blog module.
blog.test modules/blog/blog.test Tests for blog.module.
book-all-books-block.tpl.php modules/book/book-all-books-block.tpl.php Default theme implementation for rendering book outlines within a block.
book-export-html.tpl.php modules/book/book-export-html.tpl.php Default theme implementation for printed version of book outline.


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