class SessionApiTestCase

Session API test class.


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
SessionApiTestCase::getInfo public static function Implement getInfo().
SessionApiTestCase::sessionReset function Reset the cookie file so that it refers to the specified user.
SessionApiTestCase::setUp function Implement setUp().
SessionApiTestCase::testFunctions function Verify functions work properly.


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Session API tests.

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class SessionApiTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase {
   * Implement getInfo().
  public static function getInfo() {
    return array(
      'name' => 'Session API tests',
      'description' => 'Tests various Session API functions',
      'group' => 'Session API',

   * Implement setUp().
  function setUp() {
    parent::setUp('session_api', 'session_api_test');

   * Reset the cookie file so that it refers to the specified user.
   * @param $uid User id to set as the active session.
  function sessionReset($uid = 0) {
    // Close the internal browser.
    $this->loggedInUser = FALSE;

    // Change cookie file for user.
    $this->cookieFile = drupal_realpath('public://cookie.' . $uid . '.txt');
    $this->additionalCurlOptions[CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE] = $this->cookieFile;
    $this->additionalCurlOptions[CURLOPT_COOKIESESSION] = TRUE;
    $this->assertResponse(200, t('Session API test module is correctly enabled.'), t('Session API'));

   * Verify functions work properly.
  function testFunctions() {
    module_load_include('module', 'session_api');
    // Capture existing values, which are restored at the end of this function.
    $old_cookie = $_COOKIE;

    // Test session_api_available() with cookies disabled.
    $_COOKIE = NULL;
    $this->assertFalse(session_api_available(), t('Function session_api_available() correctly returns FALSE when cookies are disabled.'));
    $this->assertFalse(session_api_get_sid(), t('Function session_api_get_sid() correctly returns FALSE when cookies are disabled.'));

    // Enable cookies.
    $_COOKIE = array('session_api_test' => 'test');

    // Check that the session_api_get_sid doesn't create a sid when the
    // caller don't want it to get created.
    $this->assertEqual(session_api_get_sid(FALSE), -1, t("The session_api_get_sid returns a negative value when the caller don't want to create a new session if it doesn't exist"));

    // Store ID in the db.
    $rec = new stdClass();
    $rec->session_id = drupal_hash_base64(uniqid(mt_rand(), TRUE));
    drupal_write_record('session_api', $rec);
    $_COOKIE['session_api_session'] = $rec->session_id;
    $this->assertEqual(session_api_get_sid(), $rec->sid, 'Function session_api_get_sid() correctly retrieves the session_api_id from the database.');

    // Initialize sessions.
    $sid = $this->drupalGetHeader('X-Session-Api-Sid');
    $session_id = $this->drupalGetHeader('X-Session-Api-Session-Id');
    $this->assertTrue(!empty($session_id), t('Session API test module properly initialized session api.'));
    $stored = db_query("SELECT session_id FROM {session_api} WHERE sid = :sid", array(':sid' => $sid))->fetchField();
    $this->assertEqual($stored, $session_id, t('session_api_get_sid() is properly storing the session_id.'));

    // Restore original cookie.
    $_COOKIE = $old_cookie;